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Cars kill 26 million cats and 6 million dogs in the United States each year. In contrast, car accidents in the United States kill about 40,000 people every year. As our population grows and wild places shrink, the fragmentation of natural habitat forces humans and animals to come into contact more and more. 



 I frequently found animal remains on my way to school and work while living in southern New Jersey. Commuting for months, I became interested in getting a closer look. Naturally it is hard to get close to wild animals because they are usually quite shy, but in death it is easy to examine their appearance, or what’s left of it. Some were flattened on the road, while others looked to be peacefully sleeping. Some were found alone, while others were one of many on a single roadway. I attempted to capture the deceased at all angles, showing the nature of death. During the post-production of the images I did little to alter their appearance. I like to show the animal’s remains how they were. The photographs are a documentation of each animal’s death, in memory of the millions of animals that die along roadways in the United States each year.

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